Potential Applications


Some Products

micro contact device for synchrotron measurements

Test station to perform electrochemical measurements on microstructured devices or microelectrodes in defined gas atmospheres and at elevated temperatures combined with X-Ray synchrotron experiments.

in situ PLD/sputter & impedance spectroscopy station

Real-time impedance monitoring of oxygen reduction during film growth or surface modification of metallic or ceramic thin films.

Micro Contact test stations

Different micro contact test station for electrical measurements on microstructured devices, microelectrodes and point electrodes.

Plug & Probe micro

The Plug&Probe Micro is a very versatile electrochemical contact station for many applications. Electrical characterization of microelectrodes, micro structures thin films, interdigitated electrodes, memristive devices, and many more.

Isotope Tracer Exchange test station

Tracer exchange experiments can be a powerful tool to study diffusion properties, surface exchange reactions, visualize reaction sites, identify grain boundaries and other defects, identify different reaction pathways or use it to post analyses diffusion properties of other operando experiment.

Oxygen Pump

Electrochemical contact station for elevated temperatures up to 1050 °C. Electrical characterization of thin films and pellets including partial pressure changing by electrochemically pumping of oxygen.

In situ Optical test station

Combine in situ optical measurements with electrical and gas exchange measurements at elevated temperatures.

In situ heater for near-ambient pressure XPS

A in situ sample stage to investigate thin film Solid State Devices at elevated temperatures (RT to +1000 °C) in gas atmosphere. The sample holder is equipped with a transfer mechanism for a thermocouple type S and a 3-electrode terminal for reference electrode measurements using the novel “Wing Geometry”.

Scientific and Collaboration Partners

Prof. Jürgen Fleig, TU Wien
Prof. Harry Tuller, MIT
website of the Horizon Europe OPERA project

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