Customized Equipment

You have a special project in mind with a new experimental concept and need a customized experimental set-up?
You want to measure several samples in parallel?
You have problems with degradation of your samples?
Tell us what kind of customized equipment you need. We have years of expertise in building specialized experimental equipment for fundamental research in the fields of electrochemistry and solid state Ionics. This knowledge we want to use to build sustainable, functional and easy usable test stations for you.
In the following sections, you find some examples for customized equipment built by Huber Scientific.


Measure up to four samples in four wire mode in parallel in the same atmosphere and at the same temperature.



Tracer exchange experiments can be a powerful tool to study diffusion properties [7][8], surface exchange reactions [9], visualize reaction sites [10], identify grain boundaries and other defects [11][12], identify different reaction pathways [13] or use it to post analyses diffusion properties of other operando experiment [14].

Tracer exchange experiments are not limited to gaseous oxygen tracer exchanges. There are several other methods available as well: E.G. Tracer marked water [5], hydrogen [16] or solid tracers for cation diffusion [17].

We already developed vacuum chambers for:

  • Thermal exchanges
  • Voltage driven exchanges
  • Short time exchanges including fast heating and quenching inside the chamber


A test station for microelectrode measurements down to the µm range at elevated temperatures and changeable gas atmospheres.


  • Measurement methods: Impedance spectroscopy, current-voltage
  • measurments, Van der Pauw measurements
  • Minimal Step size: 50 nm
  • Vacuum flanges: ISO-KF
  • Temperature range: room temperature to 1000 °C / 1200 °C depending on the
  • requested heater
  • Up to three piezo controlled + additional four manual adjustable arms
  • Sample size: Max 14×14 mm (larger samples possible on request)
  • Set-up size: 500×500×500 mm
  • Pressure range: 1 bar to 10e-3 mbar

Additional Equipment:

  • Mass flow controllers for gas mixtures
  • High pressure gas washing bottle for humidity control
  • Oxygen gas sensor to monitor the oxygen partial pressure


  • Excellent electric shielding guaranteed in the frequency range of 106 – 10-3 Hz
  • High mechanical stability against vibrations or mechanical shocks
  • High precision. Micro contacts with a dimension of 2 µm can be contacted without destruction
  • Small gas volume. Smaller amount of expensive gases e.g. isotope tracer gases
  • Micro contacts can be changed at elevated temperature and in gas atmosphere
  • High precision micro-patterned structures of a few microns can be gently contacted within seconds